About the Film

All our filming is done, and we’re currently in the post production status: I.E. color correction and the addition of visual effects.  Here’s our current synopsis:

In the not-too-distant future, an alien race called the Aaeox has decended out of the clouds and obliterated everything. In Probe, the story follows two men by the name of Will and Jay, struggling to survive in the shadows lest they be discovered by the Aaeox. One day, something crashes into the old dome. Inside they find a probe–not Aaeox–with a secret inside of it that could be the key to survival.

Probe.  Originally, this visual effects project was going to be a few shots (with minimal story) of two guys who build a spaceship and watch it fail miserably as it crashes into things.  But, after realizing that we needed much more of a story, Nate Russel and I brainstormed several ideas.  “What if the guys found a crash-landed ship somewhere and try to fix it?”  “What if the thing that crashed was a probe?”  Etc.  Finally, over December during the break for school, I hashed out the production script for the movie, introducing the Aaeox as nasty aliens taking over the world through their ships called the Kestrels.  And then came the idea of the probe crash landing into the old ETSU mini-dome and creating quite a racket for two survivors who came to be named Will and Jay.

From there, the story continued.  I gave Cobalt–our concept artist–some pictures of what I wanted the probe to look like, and Cobalt drew out some amazing orthographics.  From there, Nate sat down and started hashing out the model.  Justin Frazee began work on the Kestrels–the alien baddies–while I worked on just about everything else, from finding actors to creating visual effects shots.

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