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A word from Justin Frazee

“The journey of a thousand vertices begins with a single cube…”
–joel gerlach

And maybe a sphere…

Hey, toss in couple of cylinders and you have yourself the start of a Kestrel, and when you are working with blender it doesn’t take long for something to take shape.

The initial idea for the kestrel wasn’t anything solid. We needed something mean looking, thats about it. After a few iterations, and kicking around some ideas, the current model came to me. Other ideas such as some external cables running to the engines to make it seem like they  were added on, and a forward piece that somewhat resembled the head and beak of a real kestrel, really made the feel and character of the ship come together. I am in the final part of this model. I have to add some more cables to the outside, break up the geometry of the under carriage (most of the detail will go onto the bottom since that is where it will most likely to be seen from in the film), and completing the textures, including some emissive to make it pop. Hopefully will complete it in the next few weeks.

From Joel:
The idea for the Kestrel came from looking up bird names just to be ironic.  Since one of the characters was Jay, we figured some bird names might be cool.  The Aaeox couldn’t fly a Parakeet or a Bald Eagle, but we found the Kestrel had a nice ring to it.  Therefore, adding a “beak” to the kestrel ship made sense.

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